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Critical Thinking Assessment

The Critical Thinking Assessment measures six cognitive skills associated with complex activity of critical thinking:

  • Explanation-To justify the reasoning or conclusions in terms of evidence, concepts, methodology, or context.
  • Inference-To formulate hypotheses and draw conclusions based on pertinent data.
  • Analysis-To examine ideas; analyze arguments; make comparisons; and categorize, organize, and prioritize variables
  • Evaluation-To assess the credibility, significance, and relevance of information necessary to support the conclusions; and to assess the information for biases, stereotypes, clich├ęs, or inappropriateness
  • Self-Regulation-To monitor, reflect, question, and adjust one’s own thinking processes as appropriate.
  • Interpretation-To understand, comprehend, identify problems, clarify, decipher, and decode.

The Critical Thinking Assessment is a 40-item generic test.  Cost is $36.00. The objective of the assessment is to determine students’ overall performance on specified critical thinking skills.  The assessment is designed for use at the time of admissions.