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Freedom from Tobacco Class

August 26, 2014
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Lifelong Learning Center
Register by contacting Gretchen Hupp 402-844-7176 or glhupp@frhs.org
Cost: $100 per person but waved by Northeast for the first 15 students and first 15 employees to register and complete the program.

This is a class for all Northeast students and employees looking to quit tobacco with support.

The program emphasizes that quitting tobacco and maintaining abstinence is a learning process where individuals must learn to manage nicotine addiction, unlearn automatic behaviors of tobacco use and substitute healthy new alternatives. Each participant receives a workbook that compliments the activities in the class. The program is 7 weeks with 8 sessions.

Sponsored by the American Lung Association and facilitated by Faith Regional Instructors.

Program Topics:

Thinking about Quitting:
Introduction to the program, discussion about the addiction process, identification of triggers, and introduction to medications for tobacco cessation.

On the Road to Freedom:
Lifestyle changes and self-confidence, stress management, relaxation exercises, reasons to stop smoking, and benefits.

Wanting to Quit:
Nicotine addiction, activity "Pack Tracking" preparing a quit plan, muscle relaxation, and building a social support/buddy system.

Quit Day:
Panel of ex-smokers, quitting ceremony, review of sessions 1-3, quit kits, overcoming slips, and avoiding relapse.

Winning Strategies:
48-hour report, medication review, the grief cycle, review/refine quit plan, benefits of quitting, and coping strategies.

The New You:
Lifestyle changes to stay tobacco-free, weight management tips for staying tobacco-free, and handling social situations.

Staying Off:
Physical activity, image of a non-smoker, assertive communication, and medication review.

Change is worth celebrating! Review managing stress, relapse prevention, and planning a tobacco-free lifestyle. Awarding of certificates.