Residence Life

Northeast Community College Residence Life Office offers both on- and off- campus housing services. The on-campus housing services offer on campus housing for full-time students at the Norfolk campus of NECC. The off-campus services include rental listings, roommate connections, and the First Time Renter's Workshop/Guide. In order to receive any of these services, each student needs to fill out a Residence Life Application and submit a $25 non-refundable application fee. Residence Life services are continuously available to students who have applied and paid an application fee until the student graduates or states that he/she no longer needs the services.

After a you apply for admission to the College, you will receive a letter back from Northeast Community College stating that you have been accepted to the College for admission. When you receive this letter, a Residence Life Application will be enclosed. Whether you want to live on campus or off it is important that you return this application as soon as you receive it with a $25 service fee. This gives you the opportunity to have your name on the application database for campus housing and also offers you the services NECC provides to find off-campus housing in the Norfolk community.

Campus housing is limited and campus offers are made on a first-come, first-served, basis so the earlier you apply, the better your chances will be to receive an offer. The fall semester is always the most difficult. When vacancies occur, students on the list will be made an offer to move into a unit. During the spring semester and summer sessions, most students who want to live on campus can get in.

If you do not receive an offer to live on campus or choose to live off campus, the Residence Life Application provides you with our off-campus housing service. By completing your application and submitting your service fee of $25, you are entitled to our numerous services.

If you would like to apply for these services, please download the Residence Life Application, fill it out and return it with a $25 application fee to:

Student Accounts/Business Office
Northeast Community College
801 E. Benjamin Avenue
P.O. Box 469
Norfolk, NE 68702-0469