Over 200 Students Graduate in December

by jamesc  1/15/2014 10:42:58 AM --  NORFOLK – 206 students, including five earning double majors, completed their studies in December from Northeast Community College. The names of the students will be listed in the program in the College’s commencement ceremony in May. Area graduation candidates are listed below by state and hometown. Key to abbreviations: AAS-Associate of Applied Science; AA-Associate of Arts; AS-Associate of Science, and ADN-Associate Degree Nursing.


City                                       Name                                                  Degree               Major

Albion                                 Keri Beierman                                 AAS                       Business
                                                Logan Frey                                       Diploma             Wind Energy
Arlington                          Emmitt Scheer                                AAS                       Agriculture-Diversified Agriculture
Atkinson                           Jessie Poessnecker                       AAS                       Agriculture
Bancroft                            Travis Hermelbracht                    AAS                      Agriculture-Agronomy
Bartlett                              Jamie Havel                                     AAS                      Administrative Assistant
Battle Creek                   Jennifer Howser                            AAS                      Business
                                                Paige Klug                                        AA      
                                                James McAllister IV                      AAS                      Business
                                                Felicia Reed                                     AS       
Bellwood                          Jennifer Lewis                                AS       
Blair                                     Kayla Matulka                                              AA           
Bloomfield                      Justin Jindra                                    AAS                      Wind Energy
                                                Hoa Luong                                       AAS                      Physical Therapist Assistant
Burwell                              Beth Gideon                                    Diploma             Administrative Assistant-Medical
Carroll                                Daniel Claussen                             AA
                                               Mashala Davis                                Diploma             Medical Coding
                                                Robert McElroy                              AAS                      Paramedic
Chambers                        Tyler Klabenes                                AA
Clarkson                           Carrie Anderson                            Diploma             Medical Coding
Clearwater                       Kasey Hoffman                              AAS                      Agriculture-Agronomy
                                                Kasey Hoffman                              AAS                      Agriculture-Diversified Agriculture
Coleridge                         Savanah Russell                            AAS                      Veterinary Technology
                                                Rebeccah Wood                            AAS                      Agriculture-Animal Science
                                                Rebeccah Wood                            AAS                      Agriculture-Diversified Agriculture
Columbus                        Claire Martensen                           AA      
                                                Mackenzie Youngblood           AA
Creighton                         Whitney Zimmerer                     AA      
                                                Angie Johnson                               AAS                      Business
Crofton                              Tasha Mueller                                 AAS                      Administrative Assistant
Dakota City                     Lori Ross                                            AA
Dodge                                Tommy Ruzek                                AAS                       Horticulture/Golf Course Mgmt.
Emerson                           Ashley Tift                                         AA
Ewing                                 Stephanie Fischer                         AA      
Fordyce                             Angela Steffen                               Certificate         Business-Entrepreneurship
Fremont                            Chelsea Going                                AS
                                                Nicole Sievers                                               AA
Fullerton                           Danielle Murray                            AA
Genoa                                 Brooke Cuba                                   AA
                                                Abigail Nelson                               AS
Grand Island                  Sarah Scholz                                   AAS                       Graphic Design
                                                Sarah Scholz                                    AA      
Hartington                      Kristie Jueden                                 AA
                                                Megan Lammers                           AAS                      Graphic Design
                                                Danielle Steffen                            AS
Hastings                            Jenny Brogan                                               AA
Homer                                Veronica Schmidt                         AA
                                                Treylynn Schomp                         AA
Hoskins                             Nancy Staub                                    Certificate         Computer Application Specialist
Howells                              Eric Meyer                                         AA
Humphrey                       Jeremy Hemmer                            AAS                      Automotive Technology
                                                Kayleen Kallweit                           AA
                                                Gennene Schwarz                        AAS                      Administrative Assistant
                                                Morgan Sjuts                                   AA
                                                Brianne Veik                                    AAS                      Administrative Assistant
                                                Katrina Wemhoff                          AAS                      Administrative Assistant
Lincoln                               Dale Hayes, Jr.                                 AAS    Broadcasting, Audio/ Video Production
                                                Monica Monteros                         AA
Lindsay                              Cory Tower                                       AS
Madison                            Jaclynn Weidner                           AA
Meadow Grove             Terri Bruegman                              AS
                                                April Osborn                                    AAS    Business
Neligh                                 Craig Werner                                   AAS    Building Construction
                                                Amy Willers                                      AAS    Administrative Assistant
Newman Grove            Michaela Voelker                          AAS    Business
Niobrara                           Marissa Stark                                   AA
                                                Chelsey Thomson                         AA
Norfolk                              Andre Armstrong                          AA
                                                Emily Austin                                    AA
                                                Elizabeth Baber                            AA
                                                Kaitlin Bachman                            AA
                                                Tyler Bacon                                      AA
                                                Kelci Bauer                                      AA      
                                                Heather Brandt                             AA
                                                Dylan Brown                                  AAS                      Automotive Technology
                                                Scott Bruening                               AA      
                                                Shannon Bulau                              AAS                      Administrative Assistant
                                                Collin Crilly                                       AA      
                                                Molly Daniell                                  AA
                                                Debra Dreher                                  AA
                                                Greta Elliott                                      AA
                                                Spencer Endorf                              AS
                                                Morgan Essley                                AAS                      Administrative Assistant
                                                Jennifer Forslund                         AA      
                                                Davida Gaffney                            AA      
                                                Marliza Jacobo                               AA
                                                Laura Jessen                                    AA
                                                Ashley Juracek                               AA
                                                Brian Lanphear                              AAS                      Electrical Construction and Control
                                                Duane Larison                                AA
                                                Megan Leicy                                    AA
                                                Lisa Mefford                                    AAS                      Business
                                                Jessica Mejstrik                              AA
                                                Marisa Miller                                    AA
                                                Rae Minerich                                  AA
                                                Nicole Moon                                  AS
                                                Matthew Novak                            AA
                                                Chelsi Oakland                               AA
                                                Kenneth Ramsay                           AA
                                                Tanya Reppert                                AAS                      Administrative Assistant
                                                Sarah Rinkol                                    Diploma             Medical Coding
                                                Alfredo Roman                              AA
                                                Haydn Rugg                                    AA                        
                                               Justine Siebrandt                          AA
                                                Justine Siebrandt                          AS
                                                Latrice Stark                                     AA
                                                Alison Sullivan                               AA      
                                                Georgette Sweeney                    AA
                                                Brenda Valle                                    AA
                                                Adam Wagner                                AAS    Broadcasting, Audio and Video Production
                                                Heidi Williams-Ramirez             AAS                      Administrative Assistant
North Bend                     Stephanie Settles                          AA
O'Neill                                 Kelsey Dugan                                               AA           
                                                Megan Owens                                AA      
                                                Abbie Vogt                                       AS       
Oakland                            Miriam Werner                               AA
Omaha                               Raymond Partee                           AA
                                                Breanna Potter                               AA      
                                                Taylor Worden                               AA
Orchard                             Olivia Wondercheck                  Diploma             Administrative Assistant-Medical
Oxford                                Anamarie York                               AAS                       Business
Petersburg                      Kelli Larson                                      AA
                                                Tyson Lodge                                  AS
                                                Kelly Reigle                                      AAS                      Graphic Design
Pilger                                   Jazmine Liester                              AS
Plainview                          Bryce Hightree                               AA
                                                Jennifer Risinger                           AAS                      Accounting
Platte Center                 Montana Radke                             AAS                      Information Technology
Ponca                                 Kelsey Beacom                               AS
Randolph                         Lisa Backer                                       AA
                                                Denise Childress                            AS
                                                Jacob Korth                                      AAS                       Agriculture-Agronomy
                                                Justin McMahan                            AS       
                                                Amber Sommerfeld                     Diploma             Administrative Assistant-General
Royal                                   Cheri Brandt                                    AA
Saint Edward                 Whitney Ehlers                               AA      
Schuyler                            Caleb Kort                                         AAS                      Agriculture-College Transfer
                                                Kaleb Sobota                                  AAS                      Agriculture-Agronomy
South Sioux City          Laurie Alesch                                  AA      
                                                Nathan Beatty                                AA
                                                Tiffany Bligh                                    AA
                                                Roshelle Choate                            Diploma             Medical Coding
                                                Ana Davalos De Avila                Diploma             Administrative Assistant-General
                                                Eduardo De Santiago Garcia  AA
                                                Liliana Garcia                                  AA
                                                Neftali Hernandez                        AA
                                                Kelsey Nimmer                               AAS                      Administrative Assistant          
                                                Maria Nuno                                      AA
                                                Stephanie Ott                                 AA
                                                Georgina Ramirez                        AA      
                                                Stephany Rios                                AA
                                                Lucia Tellez                                      AA
Spalding                           Stefanie Baxter                               AA
                                                Mitchell Cockerill                         AAS    Agriculture-Diversified Agriculture
                                                Carrie Langer                                  AAS    Drafting
Springview                      Lisa Chase                                         AS
Stanton                             Lindsay Ewalt                                               AA
                                                Andrew Gadeken                         AAS    Diesel Technology
                                                Whitney Heppner                         AA
Stratton                            Dori Dailey                                      AS
Stuart                                 Dakota Murphy                             AS
Tilden                                 Tyler Hart                                           AA      
Valentine                          Caleb Mulligan                              AAS                       Utility Line
Verdigre                            Kayla Grim                                        AS       
                                                Stephanie Reynolds                    AAS                       Administrative Assistant
Wakefield                         Amanda Luhr                                  AAS                       Agriculture-Agronomy
                                                Amanda Luhr                                  AAS                       Agriculture-Diversified Agriculture
Wayne                                Juan Casillas-Ramirez                Certificate         Accounting
                                                Ayla Ebbeka                                    AA      
                                                Stephanie Racely                          AAS                       Agriculture-Animal Science
Weston                              Matthew Niemann                      AA      
Winside                             Brenna Heinemann                     AA
Wisner                                Megan Dreyer                                AAS                       Agriculture-Agribusiness
                                                Colleen Duncan                            AA
                                                Melissa Gullicksen                        AA
York                                     Logan Faller                                    AAS                       Horticulture/Golf Course Mgmt.
Yutan                                 Courtnie Smith                               AAS                       Agriculture-Agribusiness


AZ, Maricopa
                 Nicole Ivie                                         AS
CA, Los Angeles            Joel Lorenzo                                    AA
                                                Yesenia Portillo                             AA
CA, Richmond               Quinnel Willingham                  AA
CO, Brighton                  Brent Johnson                                AAS                      Agriculture-Agronomy
IA, Fort Madison          Ezekiel Potter                                 AA
IA, Lawton                       Michelle Anderson                      AA
IA, Schleswig                 Debbie Ferguson                          AA      
IA, Sgt. Bluff                   Kari Berge                                         AA
IA, Sioux City                 Latasha Anderson                        AS
                                      Caroline Druilhet                          AA
                                      Jessica Eberly                                  AA
                                      Gissela Espinoza-Diaz                AA
                                      Jeanette Garcia-Lomeli             AS 
                                      Sharolynn Gosch                            AS
                                      Carrie Henderson                          AAS                      Administrative Assistant
                                      Quinn Jorgensen                          AA
                                      Dawn Kowalke                              AA       
                                      Mackenzie Kuchera                     AA
                                      Denise Langstraat                        AA
                                      Judith Mauer                                  AA       
                                      Haylee Monk                                  AA
KS, Delphos                    Marian Barbee                                AAS                      Banking Services
MN, Plymouth               Keith Bluford, Jr.                            AA
NY, Lockport                 Andrew Revekant                        AA      
SD, Garretson                Kelbi Koch                                        AA
SD, McCook Lake        Molly Hunter                                   AA
SD, Mitchell                    Megan Geidel                                 AAS                      Veterinary Technology
SD, Vermillion               Tracy Howe                                      AS
SD, Yankton                   Emily Novak                                    AA
WA, Yelm                          Megan Meiergerd                        AA
WI, Herbster                   Nina Yeargan                                  AA


Columbia, Bogota
        Paula Hoefs                                      AA
Cote D'Ivoire,
Brigitte Allou                                   AS


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