How is my financial aid determined?

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How is my financial aid determined?

In accordance with federal regulations, the following formula is used to determine your financial need: Estimated Cost of Attendance (NOT your bill), less Expected Family Contribution, equals Financial Need.  The Financial Aid Staff will try to fill any need by awarding various types of aid.  The Pell Grant is determined first, and then scholarships are added to the aid package.  Eligibility for Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG) will be determined when a final high school transcript has been received.  If funds are still available, you will be considered for supplemental grants and Federal Work-Study.  Loans are added last.  All financial aid is split between the fall and spring semesters.  Outside scholarships of $100 or more will be split between the two semesters unless otherwise stated by the donor.   For more information contact the Northeast Financial Aid Office.

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