Concurrent Enrollment (College Credit Only)

Take classes Face-to-Face, Distance Learning, Online, and Telecourses.


Did you know that as a high school student who is at least 16 years old, you can enroll in regular college classes?  Some of your options:

Face-to-Face Traditional Classes: Attend classes on-campus or at one of the college’s Regional Education Centers

  • On-Campus classes
  • Classes at the O’Neill Education Center
  • Classes at the South Sioux City Education Center
  • Classes at the West Point Education Center

Face-to-Face Distance Learning Classes:

Attend classes through interactive distance learning in a specially-equipped room at your school. Check with your guidance counselor or principal to see if any classes are being received at your location.

Online Classes

Flexible and convenient, online courses can be taken anytime, anywhere--entirely conducted via the Internet. All of our courses are facilitated by instructors who develop their curriculum. While taking an online course, you can expect a combination of quizzes, assignments, and discussion board postings due weekly. The courses are conducted using the tools of the Angel course management software. Students may take classes as a class or individually. Because of the independent nature of online classes, they are recommended for motivated, self-disciplined students.

  • Online course for the upcoming semester.[link to list of online classes]


By watching videos, reading supplemental information such as a text, and corresponding with an instructor, many high school students earn college credit with telecourses. Some students work on a telecourse during a free period in their school day. Others take telecourses on their own, outside of the school day. Some schools offer telecourses to an entire class, with a staff member serving as a proctor—running the videos, collecting assignments, delivering handouts, and giving tests. Telecourses are best for motivated, self-disciplined students.

  • Telecourses options for the upcoming semester. [link to telecourse list of classes for upcoming semester]

How do I register for Concurrent Enrollment classes?

As an Early Entry student, you must complete a special Application/Registration Form. Since you will need the signature of a parent or guardian, as well as that of a school official, this form must be used instead of the online registration regular college students use. The Application/Registration Forms are available through your high school guidance counselor, the Northeast Community College Admissions Office, or 2011-2012 Early Entry Registration Packet (Summer 2012) or 2012-2013 Early Entry Registration Packet. Please remember registrations for dual credit courses must be submitted by the first day of classes.


  • Important Dates and Deadlines [link to college calendar of dates]
  • Early Entry Application/Registration and Course Information (to earn college credit in high school)
  • Costs and Payment Options [link to tuition & payment option page]
  • Transfer Guidelines [link to transfer page]
  • Apply for Admission to Northeast Community College (to attend Northeast after HS graduation) [linked to app page]