Health and Wellness

Campus Task Force on the Reduction of Alcohol-Related Problems

Underage and high-risk alcohol use among college students is a complex problem requiring a comprehensive approach. The AOD Task Force consists of leaders across campuses that are responsible for key departments which have an impact on student alcohol use. Task Force members will develop a plan to reduce illegal and high-risk alcohol use among Northeast college students by addressing both individual and environmental factors. The Task Force utilizes a subcommittee structure to address three main areas:

  • developing policy and increasing the consistency of enforcement efforts to create greater risk- awareness associated with high-risk consumption and service
  • increasing and promoting the availability of alcohol-free programming both on and off Northeast campus
  • coordinating educational efforts, and increasing the effectiveness of intervention and treatment services


Maureen Baker (Chair), Director of Student Conduct, Student Services
Heather Drahota, HCI Director, Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department
Carissa Kollath, Student Activities Coordinator, Student Services
Colleen Barnes, Criminal Justice/Sociology Instructor, Faculty
Ann Koopman, Prevention Coordinator, Region 4 Behavioral Health System
Jonathan Langlois, Student Development Coordinator, Student Services
Dr. Karen Severson, Vice President of Student Services, Student Services
Kristi Rastede, English Instructor, Faculty
MaryLouise Foster, Director of Library Services, Educational Services
Matthew McCarthy, Criminal Justice Director/Instructor, Faculty
Melissa Lemke-Elznic, Speech Instructor, Faculty
Pete Rizzo, Director of Residence and Student Life, Student Services
Phillip Schimonitz, Graphic Design Instructor, Faculty
Stefanie Mundil, Student Health and Wellness Coordinator, Student Services
Student Representatives

In order to accomplish the goals of the Alcohol and Drug Taskforce, it is crucial to actively involve members of the Northeast College community and members of the local community surrounding Northeast in prevention efforts.  Anyone interested in joining the AOD taskforce please contact Maureen Baker at