Health and Wellness


The CHOICES Program is designed to meet the needs of students referred to the counseling office. In addition to referrals, the program offers individual assessment using the CAP, counseling, and/or treatment referral. Services are free to students.

CHOICES: is a brief alcohol abuse prevention and harm reduction program for college students involving interactive journaling. The CHOICES program involves a 90-minute class. Throughout the course students are presented with information and thereafter they are able to reflect on what they have learned as it relates to their choices about drinking in their personal journals. The CHOICES program is presented in a non-confrontational manner that enables students to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption. Because the central focus of this program is to help students make informed choices the journal is set up to provide participants with information and then they are asked to apply what they have learned in a series of self-reflective questions.

In special cases, the counseling staff will assist students in finding 12-step meetings in the local community, or may even research possible treatment options in their hometowns.