GPS Center

Guidance Councelors

GPS – (Guidance, Progress, Success)

Helping students make good life, college, and career decisions

The GPS Team consists of Admissions, Career Services and Education Centers personnel.  The Career Coaches encourage, serve and empower individuals to make good college and career decisions.  Students are offered the resources and assistance they need to take the necessary action or step to move forward.

See a GPS Career Coach if you are:
  1. Undecided about your program of study
  2. Need help deciding on classes
  3. Have questions about college transfer information
  4. Need job search assistance
  5. Need help with a resume or interview
  6. Seeking help with resources at Northeast.
Need help or know someone who does?
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Need help or additional information?

We are located in the College Welcome Center.
Visit the Admissions Office and we will locate a GPS Coach for you. 
Phone:  402-844-7261