Meet Your Admissions Representative

Shelley Lammers

Shelley LammersFavorite thing about Northeast: My favorite thing about Northeast is that it is a community college but it has a four-year college vibe. We have a large, multiple-building campus, we have clubs and organizations, and we have an active residence/student life program.

Favorite Spot on Campus: I love the area in the back of the library – there’s a lot of sunshine and it is so peaceful. I think that maybe 90% of students and staff don’t know it exists….so I feel like it’s my secret.

Hometown: Bloomfield, Nebraska

High School: Bloomfield High School

College Major: My Bachelor’s is in Social Work and my Master’s is in Counseling.

Hobbies: I like to read, I’m an avid amateur photographer, and I am very involved in our local community theater.

College Advice: Find these three people on campus as soon as you can: 
A teacher that you like and respect.  Instructors can be the source of some of the best college survival information.
A staff person with whom you can talk.  Make sure this is someone who will be honest with you and generous with information about the college.
A friend who’s in the same program of study as you.  We all need people who can help us study and remind us of due dates and identify with issues unique to your program of study.

Fun Fact: I ran my first 5K race this year.

You'll Meet Me If: You join the Native American Student Club. You’ll also see me at Orientation Days and Explore Northeast Days.   I am the Director of Advising & Academic Support – so if you come to the Advising & Academic Support Center looking for assistance, you might meet me.