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Success Stories

  • Thank you, Northeast, for giving me a jump start into what has developed into a great career…

    Patsy Behm -- Louisville, NE

  • The Audio Recording program at Northeast Community College gave me all the tools necessary to succeed in live sound. The blend of classroom theory and hands on studio work enabled me to advance quickly in the audio industry. The program offered opportunities and experiences that have been vital to a long and fulfilling professional career.

    Pat O'Neill -- Nashville, TN

  • My professional experience has afforded me many opportunities to work with graduates of the Northeast Community College audio program, and I feel that these collaborations have been wholly positive. These former students I have not only been able to count on in the past, but are people I would not hesitate to recommend in the future to potential employers. There's no question I would pay close attention to any resume sent to me by a graduate of Northeast Community College.

    Karl Winkler

  • An audio program, such as Northeast's, is becoming more and more appreciated in the industry nationwide. This is because they teach the fundamentals and technical skills that employers are looking for, rather than just how to operate specific equipment.

    Pat Brown

  • Over the years, many full time permanent and temporary audio engineers employed by NET have graduated from NECC. The excellent skills and professional insight exhibited by these graduates insures swift integration into our technical team. The facility, faculty and students are all very impressive. I have great hopes for the future of the students I had the pleasure to meet and I look very optimistically to the future of NET based in those excellent hearts and minds.

    Phil Hammar -- NE