Information Technology - IBM iSeries Programming


2013-2014 academic year

You can earn an IBM iSeries programming certificate. Note that not all courses for each program can be offered every semester.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of 17 Credit Hours.

Required Core Courses


Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
INFO 1150 iSeries Command Language
Provides a working knowledge of the of the iSeries operating system and programming using iSeries command language. Topics include creating physical files and logical files, basic CL programming topics, message handling, database function, passing program parameters and database functions.
INFO 1450 Programming in RPG IV
This course uses the RPG IV programming language to write programs which run in an IBM iSeries operating environment. Students will design, code, test, and debug programs.
INFO 1500 Interactive RPG and Subfiles
Screen formatting and the use of subfiles for the iSeries computer system. Students will design, code, test, and debug programs.
INFO 2040 Project Management
Examines the organization, planning, and controlling of projects and provides practical knowledge on managing project scope, schedule, and resources. Topics include project life cycle, work breakdown structure and Gantt charts, network diagrams, scheduling techniques, and resource allocation decisions. Concepts are applied through team projects and tutorials using project management software.
INFO 2450 Programming in COBOL
An introductory study of programming in the COBOL language. Topics include: structured program design, divisions of a COBOL program, data item descriptions, record descriptions, arithmetic verbs, verbs to implement the three basic control structures, single and multiple control breaks, tables and arrays, basic screen I/O, data validation, file maintenance using indexed sequential files, modification of existing programs, writing pseudo code and use of the debugger. Students will design, code, test, and debug programs.

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