Ag - College Transfer

Associate of Applied Science Degree

2013-2014 academic year

You can earn an associate of applied science degree in agriculture-college transfer. Note that not all courses for each program can be offered every semester.

You will need to successfully complete a minimum of 60 Credit Hours.

Required Core Option Courses

Agriculture I 0-15 Credit Hours

See advisor to plan for transferability to selected institution
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
AGRI 1020 Introduction to Farm Management Records
Basic course in farm accounts, inventories, production records, machinery costs, and financial records. Includes depreciation, feed check, monthly inventory, and household expense.
AGRI 1030 Introduction to Soil Science
The development, physics, chemistry, biology, and classification of soils with emphasis on the role of soils in the growth of plants.
AGRI 1040 Introduction to Soil Science Lab
Lab for AGRI 1030, including soil samples, texture, soil surveys, nutrient deficiency, lime recommendations, cation exchange capacity, texture triangle, and acre furrow slice.
AGRI 1131 Plant Science
Study and evaluation of cultural practices, varieties, plant growth and development, planting rates, pests, and diseases, fertility and weather influences throughout the growing season.
AGRI 1132 Plant Science Lab
Plant growth and development of Monocot and Dicot plants; basic plant anatomy and growth stages; methods of plant reproduction and seed production; basic plant genetics and plant physiology; identification of uses of crops grown in the Midwest.
AGRI 1290 International Agriculture and Agribusiness
An overview of agriculture worldwide and its impact on production agriculture in the United States. An examination of production agriculture and agribusiness from a global perspective.

Required General Education Courses

Behavioral Science 3 Credit Hours

select one
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
AGRI 1420 Interpersonal Skills
Designed to help students understand positive interpersonal relationships and their contribution to the process of potentiality development.
PSYC 1810 Introduction to Psychology
An introduction to the science of psychology including the application of critical thinking to the study of learning theory, memory, personality, growth and development, neurological aspects, abnormal behavior, therapies, intelligence, motivation, emotion, sensation, perceptions and theoretical perspectives.

Mathematics 3-6 Credit Hours

select one - Must meet Math requirement for program of study
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
MATH 1150 College Algebra
This course is the study of relations, functions and their graphs, equations and inequalities, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations and inequalities.
MATH 1200 Algebra and Trigonometry
Study of field axioms, sets, functions, equations, inequalities, matrices and determinants, exponents, logarithms, trigonometric functions and analysis.
MATH 2030 Introduction to Statistics
Study of algebraic sets, finite probability spaces, counting techniques, random variables, and binomial distribution.

Oral Communication 3 Credit Hours

select one from list - Must earn "C" or better Must earn "C" or better
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
SPCH 1010 Fundamentals of Communication
This course stresses the correlation of effective communication common to interpersonal, small group, and public speaking contexts. Theory and application are incorporated into a variety of classroom activities. Students gain experience in public speaking through the delivery of informative, persuasive, and other various types of speeches.
SPCH 1110 Public Speaking
This course will assist the student to master the skills required of speaking in today's workplace. It will focus on the organization, preparation, research, and evidence needed for a presentation that is tailored to fit the audience. The course will enhance the student's listening skills which will assist them in everyday situations.

Science or Technology 2-6 Credit Hours

select from list or any other Natural Science course
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
BIOS 1010 General Biology
Introduction to the major biological concepts: ecosystem dynamics, cell structure and function, cell division, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and genetics, as well as a variety of laboratory techniques.
CHEM 1140 General Chemistry I
Study of general principles including atomic structure, nomenclature, reactions, and compounds.

Social Science 3 Credit Hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
AGRI 1410 Introduction to the Economics of Agriculture
Introductory course to help students develop a basic understanding and appreciation for the role of economics in agriculture at the farm, national, and international levels. Students will learn to apply various economic principles and concepts relating to production agriculture, business management, consumer behavior, market price analysis and equilibrium, and policy information.

Written Communication 3 Credit Hours

ENGL 1010 required - Must earn "C" or better
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
ENGL 1010 English Composition I
Designed to develop writing skills. Students write papers and essays which emphasize the importance of clarity, idea development, focus, organization, word choice, logic and sentence construction. The process of planning, writing, revising, and editing essays for a particular audience and basic research-related skills are also emphasized.

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