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Basic Computer - Level 2

Continue your journey into the world of computers using the Windows 7 operating system. Topics include using a word processor, working with tool bars and the task bar, backing up data files, adding and removing programs, and more.

Basic Computers for Seniors - Level 3

Discover the Internet and email. Discussion will include internet connections and browsers, effective subjective searching techniques and navigation of the Web, as well as safety concerns including identity theft and security software. Advance into types of email accounts, how to create email messages and contact lists, and more. Student must have good working knowledge of a computer and be able to use a keyboard and mouse.

Basic Nurse Aide

This course is designed to meet the Nebraska Health & Human Services System training requirements for nurse aide certification and employment in long-term care facilities. This course combines classroom lecture and laboratory application for the development of basic skills needed to provide safe, effective, and caring services to the elderly or chronically ill patient of any age, in a long-term care facility. Upon completion of this course, the student is eligible to take the state written and practical skills exam. After successfully passing this examination and completing the application procedure, the students name will be placed on the basic nurse aide registry at the Nebraska Health and Human Services Regulation and Licensure, Credentialing Division. The book is located in the campus bookstore, 402-844-7140. CLASS CANNOT BE REGISTERED ONLINE. An additional $40 fee will be required if student choose to register to take the Certified Nursing Assistant exam at the end of the course. This $40 fee will be required at the time of the non-credit exam registration.

Digital Cameras

Whether you are thinking of purchasing a digital camera for the first time, or looking for tips in operating the camera you have, this class is for you! Learn the basics of digital camera operation, including transferring photos to your computer, and the many ways of sharing your photos with others. Bring your camera for additional tips.

Dropbox - Get Up and Running

Master the tools that help manage your digital life. Drop box is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use cloud storage and file sharing service. We will set up and configure Dropbox, show how to backup files, synchronize, collaborate and file share including photos and document sharing between your computer and mobile device.

iCloud Overview

Discover the basics of using iCloud on your PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Explore how to access and synchronize your mail, calendars, contacts, documents, apps and music - all between your devices.

Insurance - Agency Teambuilding Part 2

Students will identify different ethical situations and the consequences. When an ethical situation arises, students will look at the factors involved to solve the situation. Part 1 is not a prerequisite. 3 hours ethics. SA #30800.

Insurance - Farm Liability

A discussion of the exclusions in an ISO Farm Liability Coverage Form Policy. When and to whom medical payments apply and exclusions of medical payments. 3 continuing education hours P & C.

iTunes Overview

iTunes has become more than a simple music player. It is one of the best ways to manage your device's music and videos. It's one of the most popular music stores in the world and even lets you burn CDs. Discover iTunes basic features as well as some of its more advanced capabilities.

MS Excel 2013 - Level 1

This class is for new users of Excel or users that are converting from one of the first versions of Excel. The material covered will include: Learning about the ribbon; navigation; spreadsheet creation; editing; saving; formatting; creating formulas; and all basic commands in using Excel.

MS Excel 2013 - Level 2

This class is for users that have been exposed to Excel and the commands. The material covered includes: Creating tables and graphs; working with large worksheets; adding graphics to worksheets; moving and sizing images; using smart art; using and managing multiple worksheets; named ranges; using outlining tools and pivot tables.

MS Outlook

Outlook is a personal information software program that's available with the Microsoft Office Suite. Although it's mostly used as an email client, it can also be used for managing tasks, keeping your calendar, managing contacts, taking notes, journaling, and even connecting with friends and colleagues via social networks. Unlike other email programs out there that you can install on your computer, Outlook can be your email program and planner all in one.

MS Word 2013 - Level 1

Learn the essentials of MS Word and word processing. Create, navigate, and save documents, apply character and paragraph formatting, insert symbols, and create headers and footers. Find out how to check spelling and grammar, add page breaks, work with document views, and learn how to print and convert documents to PDF. Adding graphics and clip art will also be covered.

MS Word 2013 - Level 2

Increase the complexity of MS Word documents by adding components such as customized lists, tables, charts, and graphics. Focus will also include inserting clip art, applying themes, working with views, formatting text, setting margins, using bullets, paragraph spacing, and borders and shading.

Outsmarting Your Smart Phone

Whether you're thinking of getting a smartphone or already have one, this class is for you! Discover the basics of the Android smartphone. Explore taking pictures, text messaging, managing contacts and using the internet with your phone.

Pediatric Emergencies

3-Hour continuing education workshop for emergency medical technicians dealing specifically with Pediatric Emergencies. No Costs. *This program is funded in whole or in part with public funds provided through the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant administered by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services System Emergency Medical Services Program.

QuickBooks 2013, Level 1

This course covers the basics of setting up a company; creating customers; receiving payments; and making deposits into your bank accounts. We will work with and create vendors and paying bills as well as create and edit a chart of accounts for your company; run reports; and reconcile bank accounts.

QuickBooks 2013, Level 2

This course covers creating inventory, dealing with items, and adjusting inventory counts on a continual basis. Learn about Sales Tax and Sales Tax groups, paying your sales tax, running payroll, and paying your payroll liabilities. We will create capital assets and utilize the Loan Manager, creating an amortization schedule. We will also discuss dealing with bad debt and creating journal entries.

Windows 8.1

What are the benefits of Windows 8.1? Should you upgrade or not? Do you need a "touch screen" to run it? Come and see the newest Windows operating system demystified and learn how to get the most from it. Hit the ground running when you or your company upgrade.

Windows Movie Maker - Create a Video Card

Create personal greeting cards using Windows Movie Maker. Share a great looking video card out of your favorite photos in just a few easy steps. You can share vacation pictures or make a thank you video card. Easy to use tools make it a snap to edit, add transitions and music. When you're done, upload it straight to Microsoft OneDrive, You Tube, or Facebook. Bring photos to use on a CD or USB drive.

Classes are being added all the time. Check back soon for more offerings!