Book Returns and Buyback

Campus Bookstore

Book Returns

  • You must have your receipt in order to receive a refund.
  • Do not write in your books before you have been to class and are positive that you will stay in the course. A marked book or a carelessly handled book is a used book and will be refunded at a USED price. Books purchased in shrink-wrap must be returned in shrink-wrap.
  • Book refunds will be given seven days from date of purchase.
  • Refunds may be paid by college check. Please allow extra time since checks are issued from Accounts Receivable Services. Books charged against credit cards or third party agencies will be debited against credit card or third party agency.
  • If the student owes money on his/her account, the refund will be applied toward his/her balance.

Summer Session I and II

100% refunds are allowed only during the first week of each session.

Book Buyback

Book Buyback occurs during final exam week of each semester. The Northeast Bookstore will buy back books that we will need for the next school semester. An independent book company purchases all other textbooks for prices quoted in a Buyer's Guide. Some textbooks may not qualify for buyback due to new editions, textbook changes, or the expendable nature of the book.