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Legacy Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures outlined below are designed for general information. They are not intended to create a binding agreement or contract between Northeast Community College and its employees or students. While the college intends to continue in effect the foregoing policies, procedures, and benefits, it reserves the right to make changes in content or applications as it deems advisable. These changes may be implemented whether or not they have been communicated, printed, or substituted on the Northeast Community College Web site.

The policies and procedures outlined below are in the process of being replaced and converted to a new format and numbering system. Until the process is complete, these policies and procedures remain in effect. Please take a look at our new policies that have been approved after September 1, 2013.

Community 1000

No current policies.

Administration 2000

Code 2002 Nondiscrimination replaced by BP1010
Code 2010 Management Rights
Code 2020 Delegation of Employment Authority To President replaced by BP2610
Code 2030 Organizational Structure
Code 2030.a Channel of Authority Procedures
Code 2040 Instructional Program Review
Code 2055 Unauthorized Absence
Code 2060 College Fiscal Year
Code 2063 Reduction in Force-Faculty
Code 2063.a Reduction in Force-Faculty Procedures
Code 2065 Voluntary Separation Program
Code 2065.a Voluntary Separation Program Procedures
Code 2070 Environmental Safety and Health
Code 2071 Communicable Diseases
Code 2071.a Communicable Diseases Procedures
Code 2072 Firearms, Explosives and Other Lethal Weapons
Code 2074 Alcoholic Beverages and Controlled Substances
Code 2075 Tobacco Use
Code 2075.a Tobacco Use Procedures
Code 2076 Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing for Commercial Drivers License
Code 2076.a Alcohol and Controlled Substance Test Procedures for Commercial Drivers License
Code 2080 Campus Safety and Security
Code 2080.a Campus Safety and Security Procedures
Code 2085 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Code 2085.a Personal Protective Equipment Procedures
Code 2090 News Releases
Code 2090.a News Releases Procedures
Code 2092 Marketing, Public Relations and Web Systems Communication Standards Policy
Code 2092.a Marketing, Public Relations and Web Systems Communication Standards Procedures
Code 2095 Privacy and Release of Information
Code 2105 Acceptable Use Policy - Electronic Resources
Code 2105.a Acceptable Use Procedures - Computer Resources
Code 2106 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy
Code 2110 Use of College Facilities
Code 2110.a Use of College Facilities Procedures
Code 2115 Positive Discipline
Code 2115.a Positive Discipline Procedures
Code 2210 On-Campus Solicitation and Signs
Code 2210.a On-Campus Solicitation and Signs Procedures
Code 2220 Grant Development and Management
Code 2220.a Grant Development and Management Procedures
Code 2500 Publicity of Rules Affecting Students
Code 2610 College Property Naming Policy
Code 2610.a College Property Naming Procedures
Code 2620 Recognition Policy
Code 2620.a Recognition Procedures
Code 2710 Fraud and Whistleblower Policy
Code 2710.a Fraud and Whistleblower Procedures
Code 2720 Identity Theft Policy

Business 3000

Personnel 4000

Code 4001 Equal Opportunity replaced by BP1020
Code 4005 Freedom of Speech replaced by BP1030
Code 4006 Employee Group Classification
Code 4009 Hiring Process
Code 4009.a General Hiring Process Procedures
Code 4009.b Hiring Process Procedures - President
Code 4009.c Hiring Process Procedures - Vice President/Executive Director
Code 4015 Exit Interview Policy
Code 4015.a Exit Interview Policy Procedures
Code 4045 Employee Performance Review
Code 4045.a Employee Performance Review Procedures
Code 4046 President Evaluation
Code 4046.a President Evaluation Procedures
Code 4101 Continuation/Amendment/Termination of Employment - Faculty
Code 4103 Suspension, Demotion and Termination for Cause
Code 4104 Employment Probation
Code 4104.a Employment Probation Procedures
Code 4105 Employee Grievance
Code 4105.a Employee Grievance Procedures
Code 4106 Harassment/Sexual Harassment
Code 4106.a Harassment/Sexual Harassment Reporting Procedures
Code 4107 Workplace Threats and Violence Reporting
Code 4107.a Workplace Threats and Violence Reporting Procedures
Code 4108 Work Share/Time Share
Code 4110 Work Week
Code 4111 Instructional Day
Code 4112 Staff Load (Other Than Instructional Staff)
Code 4117 Full-time Faculty Load
Code 4117.a Full-Time Faculty Load Procedures
Code 4118 Adjunct Faculty Load
Code 4118.a Adjunct Faculty Load Procedures
Code 4119 Retirement Age
Code 4120 Retirement Benefits
Code 4121 Post Retirement Benefits
Code 4122 Emeritus Classification
Code 4122.a Emeritus Classification Procedures
Code 4124 Nepotism
Code 4125 Employee Resignations
Code 4131 The Faculty Association
Code 4133 Professional Travel
Code 4133.a Professional Travel Procedures
Code 4134 Curricular and Co-curricular Travel
Code 4134.a Curricular and Co-curricular Travel Procedures
Code 4138 Employee Tuition Waiver
Code 4138.a Employee Tuition Waiver Procedures
Code 4140 Eligibility Standard For Employee Insurance & Retirement Fringe Benefits
Code 4144 Life Insurance
Code 4145 Medical Insurance
Code 4146 Workers Compensation Insurance
Code 4147 Disability Insurance
Code 4153 College Holidays
Code 4155 Presidential Earned Annual Leave
Code 4156 Administrative Earned Annual Leave
Code 4157 Professional/Managerial Earned Annual Leave
Code 4158 Full-time Classified Earned Annual Leave
Code 4159 Adoption Leave
Code 4159.a Adoption Leave Procedures
Code 4160 Sick Leave
Code 4160.a Sick Leave Procedures
Code 4161 Emergency Leave
Code 4161.a Emergency Leave Procedures
Code 4162 Military Leave
Code 4163 Jury/Court Leave
Code 4165 Leave of Absence Without Pay
Code 4166 Leave of Absence For Professional Development
Code 4166.a Leave of Absence for Professional Development Procedures
Code 4167 Personal Leave
Code 4175 Family and Medical Leave
Code 4175.a Family and Medical Leave Procedures
Code 4180 Part-time Employee Benefits
Code 4180.a Part-time Employee Benefits
Code 4232 Pay Days
Code 4232.a Pay Days Procedure
Code 4233 Unauthorized Absence
Code 4234 Salary Deduction
Code 4400 Sale of Books & Supplies to Students: Copyrights and Royalties
Code 4401 Patent Policy
Code 4402 Ownership of Intellectual Property
Code 4402.a Ownership of Intellectual Property Procedures

Students 5000

Code 5010 Statement of Student Responsibility
Code 5020 Admissions
Code 5020.a General Admissions Guidelines and Procedures
Code 5020.b Special Admissions Guidelines and Procedures
Code 5021 College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Policy
Code 5021a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Procedures
Code 5022 Residency
Code 5022.a Residency Procedures
Code 5023 Evaluating the Validity of a High School Diploma
Code 5023.a Evaluating the Validity of a High School Diploma Procedures
Code 5026 Academic Amnesty
Code 5026.a Academic Amnesty Procedures
Code 5030 Student Privacy & Release of Information
Code 5030.a Student Privacy & Release of Information Procedures
Code 5031 On-Campus Solicitation of Students
Code 5031a On-Campus Solicitation of Students Procedures
Code 5035 Resident Housing Regulations
Code 5035.a Resident Housing Regulations Procedures
Code 5038 Missing Student Policy
Code 5038.a Missing Student Procedures
Code 5040 Standards of Conduct
Code 5040.a Standards of Conduct Procedures
Code 5041 Student Organizations
Code 5041.a Student Organization Procedures - College Recognition
Code 5041.b Student Organization Procedures - The Charter
Code 5041.c Student Organization Procedures - The Constitution
Code 5042 Curricular and Co-Curricular Travel
Code 5042.a Curricular and Co-Curricular Travel Procedures
Code 5050 Law Violations
Code 5051 Alcoholic Beverages and Controlled Substances
Code 5060 Student Grievances
Code 5060.a Student Grievances Procedures
Code 5061 Grade Appeal Policy
Code 5061.a Grade Appeal Procedures
Code 5067 Transfer of Credit Policy
Code 5067.a Transfer of Credit Procedures
Code 5070 Conduct of Performance Scholarship Students
Code 5070.a Conduct of Performance Scholarship Students Procedures
Code 5071 Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress
Code 5071.a Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress Procedures
Code 5080 Student Military Leave
Code 5080.a Student Military Call-up Procedures
Code 5090 Acceptable Use Policy - Electronic Resources
Code 5090.a Acceptable Use Policy - Electronic Resources Procedures
Code 5095 Student Memorial Gift Policy
Code 5100 Presence and Use of Service and Therapy Animals and Pets
Code 5100.a Presence and Use of Service and Therapy Animals and Pets Procedures
Code 5101 Disability Services Policy
Code 5101.a Disability Services Procedures
Code 5105.a Vaccination Policy
Code 5105.a Vaccination Procedures

Instruction 6000

Construction 7000

Internal Board Policy 8000

Code 8030 Board Code of Ethics replaced by BP2220
Code 8031 Violation of Board Code of Ethics replaced by BP2221
Code 8035 Conflict of Interest replaced by BP2225
Code 8040 Board Self-Assessment replaced by BP2510
Code 8080 Board Member Development replaced by BP2520
Code 8111 Philosophy replaced by BP1110
Code 8115 Northeast Purposes replaced by BP1210
Code 8210 Policy Development, Review, and Implementation replaced by BP2410
Code 8390 Public Information replaced by BP2020

Board By-Laws 9000

Code 9100 Organization: Powers and Duties replaced by BP2110
Code 9105 Board Duties and Expectations replaced by BP2210
Code 9110 Organization: Number of Members/Terms of Office/Officers replaced by BP2113
Code 9120 Board Officers Duties replaced by BP2115
Code 9200 Meetings of the Area Board replaced by BP2310
Code 9210 Meetings of the Area Board - Special Meetings replaced by BP2312
Code 9220 Meetings of the Area Board - Executive Session replaced by BP2314
Code 9225 Meetings of the Area Board - Public Comment replaced by BP2320
Code 9230 Committees replaced by BP2120
Code 9310 Check Signature Policy
Code 9400 Members on the Board of Directors of the Nebraska Community College Association replaced by BP2130
Code 9410 Employee Associations Representatives: Board Meetings replaced by BP2331
Code 9420 Student Government Association Representatives: Board Meetings replaced by BP2332
Code 9430 Institutional Memberships